Suretec expands through VOIP optimised connectivity

Suretec’s expansion into a major player in the UK telephony industry required a service provider that valued reliability, efficiency and technical expertise above all else – such values which they found in FluidOne.

Client: Suretec

Key products:

  • MPLS


In 2009, Suretec saw an opportunity to create a more service oriented business. Prior to this it had been focused on IT consultancy and installing other vendors’ telephony systems. The company wanted to be able to move customers over to its own platform and began the process in 2010 by applying for telephone numbers from Ofcom in order for it to provide full UK area code coverage – a total of 1.2 million telephone numbers.

It originally hosted two servers in facilities in Edinburgh but as the business quickly grew, the need for a more scalable solution was required. It then rented servers from a London based hosting company to increase capacity and improve resilience.

In addition, Suretec found that it had little control on the service it could provide if there were network issues or outages. If the customers broadband went down then there was very little the company could do about it. The company prides itself on the service it delivers its customers so this was not a sustainable option for its ambitious growth plans.

As more customers were looking for telephony services from Suretec it applied to run its own network and become a network operator under the SureVoIP brand.

What really confirmed my decision to select FluidOne is the level of technical expertise in the field of Internet connectivity it has, as well as the vital provision of a useable API.

Gavin Henry, Managing Director



Suretec as a business scaled quickly with its new focus and it was too critical to ignore bringing in a dedicated supplier. Following a competitive tender, Suretec selected FluidOne to deliver a connectivity package so that it could offer a full range of Internet connectivity solutions delivered directly in to the new Suretec network.

FluidOne was awarded the contract as it has an excellent and established track record in delivering data services to businesses. Suretec was also impressed by the skills of the technical engineers and knew they could be relied upon as demands on the solution changed as the business grew.

Using FluidOne’s award-winning Service Exchange Platform, Layer 2 services were provided through two network-to-network interfaces. Through these interfaces Suretec were able to access over 16 national and regional carriers, all with an L2TP handoff. This has allowed them to offer a huge amount of choice to their customers whilst ensuring that they are competitive in the market. Through use of FluidOne’s API, systems and processes these have all been integrated and simplified. In March 2014, Suretec was able to migrate its customers over to the new network.

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As a result of the network interconnect provided by FluidOne, Suretec has been able to fulfil its vision of offering a full Internet connectivity suite to its existing and new customers. Instead of selling other companies Internet connectivity solutions, it is now selling its own, which is physically connected to the Suretec network. This ensures the best quality and speed for VoIP customers and has also enabled the company to grow its already established partner / reseller programme. Existing partners have been kept up-to-date throughout the process, resulting in a smooth transition and they have identified an improved call quality since the switch over in March 2014.

Due to the new VoIP optimised Internet connectivity, Suretec is able to ensure all telephone call traffic goes straight into the network without having to go over public Internet. This, along with Suretec’s presence in the two main UK public Internet exchanges, LINX and LONAP, has enabled them to be in full control of their traffic and thus provide a higher level of service – providing one of the best networks for business VoIP in the UK. Suretec is now able to offer enhanced solutions, including utilising IPv6 enabled Internet connectivity, and is experiencing significant growth as a result.

Gavin Henry, Managing Director, Suretec said, “We knew that with FluidOne’s reputation we would get an excellent service and be able to harness its complete range of access to all the major UK carriers. What really confirmed my decision to select FluidOne is the level of technical expertise in the field of Internet connectivity it has, as well as the vital provision of a useable API.”

  • Full Internet connectivity to existing and new customers
  • Unmatched reliability for VOIP customers
  • Access to 16 national and regional carriers
  • Full control over traffic



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