Free Microsoft Copilot demo and readiness assessment

Unleash creativity, unlock opportunity and uplevel skills 

To help you get to grips with the power of generative AI and how it can benefit your business, we’ve created a Copilot demo and readiness assessment, helping you enter this new era of knowledge and productivity equipped with all the insight you need. 

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Free Mobile Audit

How much could you save?

Take control of your mobile expenses today, and let us help you save money and find the best supplier for your needs.

The audit will analyse: 
  • Data usage trends
  • Zero users
  • International calling analysis
  • Roaming Call Analysis
  • Market Review on Vodafone, EE and O2
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Free 30 day trial of AvePoint - M365 Backup

Recover granular data at file level in minutes. 

AvePoint bridges the gap between basic preservation of critical files and mail, and all the additional data protection scenarios that Microsoft 365 simply doesn’t cover. 

After all, Microsoft’s native cloud protection won’t help with: 

  • Loss of data due to malicious insiders, hacktivists, malware or ransomware. 
  • Recovery from prolonged outages. 
  • Loss of data due to departing employees and deactivated accounts. 
  • Long-term accidental deletion coverage with selective rollback. 
  • Permissions issues that interrupt user access. 
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Free Cloud Readiness & Optimisation assessment

Get what you want from cloud 

Whether you’re a first-time cloud adopter or a long-standing user, realising the full potential of your investment is only possible when your environment is optimised, right-sized and poised to deliver the desired benefits. Our Cloud Readiness and Optimisation assessments provide clear and valuable guidance no matter where you are in your cloud journey. We’ll help you: 

  • Make informed decisions on which applications to migrate, retain or repatriate. 
  • Optimise critical applications for life in the cloud. 
  • Review and right-size your environment to ensure best value. 
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Free Maturity & Gap Analysis Assessment

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A maturity and gap analysis assessment identifies the differences between the current, ideal and comparable state of data security within your company. It is a thorough assessment with various stages to gauge the level of cyber security maturity and understand control gaps where it would be best to focus your attention and budget. Following the assessment, our expert CSA team will be able to define a quick win mitigation plan and help your company exercise reasonable governance over your cyber security, as well as devise an efficient next steps plan.
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Free KnowBe4 security awareness trial

Did you know a cyberattack happens every 39 seconds? 

To put that into perspective, cybercrime is predicted to cost the world $10.5 trillion by 2025*. 

Your employees are your last line of defence – and right now, they’re frequently exposed to sophisticated social engineering attacks.  

It’s time for a comprehensive approach to effectively manage this problem, and combat the world’s most common and damaging IT security threats, including: 

  • social engineering 
  • spear phishing 
  • ransomware attacks 
  • ...and more. 
Conquer human error

Free Microsoft 365 License Review

Get more from your Microsoft 365 investment

Microsoft 365 is a critical component of your digital workspace, but are you getting full value from your investment in your current licences? Our Microsoft 365 Review puts you back in control of your licence estate, ensuring that you optimise performance, reduce cost and stay secure.  

Our experts will talk through the make-up of your licence estate to assess what you have today, before reviewing this against the goals and requirements of your business to provide tailored recommendations to help you: 

  • Rationalise the volume of licences required across your business. 
  • Right-size the level of plan provided for each user. 
  • Capitalise on a wider range of tools and features available with your current licences. 
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Free M365 Security Assessment

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Although there are hundreds of configuration settings in each M365 tenancy, Microsoft does not automatically apply all the security settings and, as a result, can leave the tenancy and user accounts vulnerable and open to compromise. Keeping businesses secure and their data protected means using the intelligent built-in Microsoft security features that are often not implemented, or used to their full potential. CSA’s Microsoft 365 Security Assessment is a key service for any organisation wanting to ensure they have implemented the best security practices, whilst using M365 and maintain good cyber hygiene in their M365 tenancy.

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