Complaints Procedure


FluidOne endeavours at all times to deliver a professional, courteous service to all of our customers. While we work hard to provide a high quality service to our customers, we are aware that sometimes a service is not delivered at the level expected.

The first port of call for these occasions should be the assigned relationship and/or account manager, who are best placed to engage resource within the business to achieve a prompt resolution.

In the event this resource is unable to resolve the matter appropriately, or if the complaint is concerning the resource itself, then we are keen to understand what has gone wrong. To this end, we have put in place a Customer Complaint Procedure; available on request or via the FluidOne website.


This procedure covers all Complaints regarding the quality of service delivered by any member of staff, or any of the services offered by FluidOne.


Complaints should be emailed to, either directly by the party wishing to lodge a complaint or via any FluidOne employee.

All Complaints should contain as much detail as possible about the event, including any relevant correspondence/documentation.

Complaints are registered with three members of the Executive Board, hereinafter referred to as the “Complaints Committee”.


  • All Complaints are examined and investigated by the Complaints Committee;
  • A member of the Complaints Committee will reply with a formal response within five working days of the initial complaint submission;
  • The written response will provide a resolution that may be accepted or, failing that parties will enter into a discussion to reach a resolution;
  • FluidOne are subscribed to an Ombudsman scheme. In the event that a resolution cannot be reached amicably, Complaints can be escalated to the Ombudsman who will try to resolve the situation to the satisfaction of both parties;
  • Complaints will be treated fairly, impartially and in confidence.


FluidOne will monitor all Complaints to identify any patterns or underlying problems. Monitoring will be carried out on all Complaints received and trends will be analysed according to:

  • FluidOne Department
  • Service Type
  • Carrier
  • User

The Complaints Committee report all Complaints to the FluidOne Shareholder Board on a monthly basis.


This document is applicable to anyone who has any interaction with any FluidOne staff or contractors.


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