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The future of retail is here and it’s all about customer experience. Trust us to handle everything you need for your IT solutions so that you can focus on delivering the best customer experience, both online and offline.

With the highest Net Promoter Score in UK Telecoms, 83 (Aug 2021) our customers are at the heart of our business, so we understand a thing or two about the importance of customer service and customer experience. We have also been working with the retail sector since launch and have a deep knowledge of the challenges facing the sector, arguably no other industry is having to work as hard to both survive and also reinvent itself for the fast moving digital era that we live in.

The right technology solutions can provide flexibility to respond rapidly to changes when required and increase efficiency for scalability. Our services for Retail range from specialist consulting, secure and scalable cloud solutions, connectivity such as SD-WAN, to public and hybrid cloud services, unified communications and contact centre, cyber security and mobile and IoT services. Every solution that we develop is tailored to the specific requirements of each of our clients and built in conjunction with in-house IT teams to ensure its fit for purpose, scalable and cost efficient.

FluidOne Solutions

Resilient Connectivity

Resilient Connectivity

Whether you are operating from 5, 50, or 500 different locations we make sure you are always open for business.

At FluidOne, our market-leading software-defined network, Platform One, enables you to connect to other offices, stores, cloud applications and a variety of systems and portals with ease. It can also allow you to deliver Wi-Fi and provide voice and unified communication services, as well as secure your network and data by offering a seamless, consistent service across all of your locations. We understand that uptime and availability are key in the retail sector and our award-winning network has the best uptime in the industry.

Hybrid Cloud To Meet Changing Demands

Hybrid Cloud To Meet Changing Demands

Many of our retail customers are taking advantage of our highly scalable hybrid cloud solutions to meet the demands of the changing retail landscape. These solutions allow you to quickly respond to business demands when the need arises, such as during promotional or seasonal spikes in traffic. These solutions also provide an agile and responsive service to respond to digital transformation requirements and the backup services you need for peace of mind.

To consistently deliver the exceptional experience your customers crave, in most cases, legacy systems just won’t cut it, whilst with a scalable cloud environment your systems, applications and data can all talk to each other with ease and allow your employees to share information real-time, both with customers in store and online.

SD-WAN Solutions

SD-WAN Solutions

SD-WAN is a buzzword that has been on many IT directors' radar for a number of years, however very few businesses are using it to its full potential or for the right reason. When utilised correctly, SD-WAN can provide a number of benefits over MPLs networks such as local internet breakout, application prioritisation, load balancing at application level, and cost. The intelligent controls and reporting afforded by SD-WAN, together with security and continuing advancements means that it's a solution all retail businesses should at least consider. At FluidOne we partner with 3 market leading solutions to give you the best choice of the market and ensure we find a solution fit for your needs.


Unified Communications Solutions

Our market-leading UC solutions can help you to connect with customers on whatever means they choose. A true unified communications solution with enhanced omni-channel contact centre functionality will ensure your team is available via phone, chat, email and video conferencing with access to customer data at their fingertips to ensure meaningful interactions. Additional cloud-enabled features such as call-routing and natural language selection all help to make your customer service experience even more seamless. The more connected and forward-thinking your comms solutions, the more engaged and effective you will find that your employees are. Our market-leading solutions allow colleagues, wherever they are, to connect and support each other, whilst giving everyone full visibility of the current status of a project or customer requirement. This coupled with the automation of repetitive tasks will free up your people for more rewarding, revenue generating work.


Securing Against Increased Cyber Threats

Cyber security is now a key requirement for all sectors and an effective cyber strategy requires a proactive approach and sophisticated solutions. The retail industry, sadly, is a common target for cyber criminals with a number of retailers falling victim to a data breach in the last year. At FluidOne, we can ensure that your business remains secure with monitoring, detection, protection, response and training services to instill a cyber first mentality into your organisation.

As digital transformation and the need for an omnichannel retail experience has driven transformation across the industry, retail cyber security has become more vital and considerably more complex. At FluidOne we have invested in a dedicated cyber division run by some of the brightest minds in the industry to keep our customers a step ahead of the cyber criminals and deal with the evolving threat landscape.

Key Questions

  • Is poor network connectivity, in any of your locations, impacting your overall business performance?
  • Is securing any part of your network proving to be a challenge?
  • Are you having to restrict user behaviour in different locations to maintain a secure network?
  • Would you like more information on your network performance to understand what it is being used for?
  • Are you using multiple communication platforms across different areas of your business?
  • Are you tied into long term contracts for your technology stack?
  • Are you tied to one carrier with your existing connectivity / mobile provider?
  • Are you still using legacy systems?
  • Do you have the devices that you need to efficiently run a smart factory?

If you answer YES to any of these questions
it’s time to give us a call!

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Case Studies

Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme sought to improve its network security and boost productivity, luckily FliudOne’s SD-WAN was the reliable solution they needed.

T.M. Lewin

T.M. Lewin trust FluidOne down-under


Connecting Carluccio's restaurants across the country

Retail Companies That Rely On FluidOne

T M Lewin

“Having previously worked with FluidOne on a smaller scale, we knew that they were the reliable problem-solvers we were looking for. The network is core to our business and we needed someone we could depend on to enable our omnichannel connected world to function and be that foundation.”

Naveen Krishnmurthy, Head of IT & Systems. Krispy Kreme
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