Contact Centre Solutions

Simple to integrate, our 8×8 cloud communications platform provider is the ideal contact centre solution that combines unified communications, team collaboration, interoperability and analytics in a single platform and is connected via our award-winning fibre network, Platform One.

Our solution offers contact centre workforces diverse connectivity, no matter where they are, with the highest call quality experience in the market to promote collaboration, efficiency and ‘business as usual.’ This is the new age of remote working.

No More Sketchy Calls

8x8 routes customer calls via a fully resilient design rather than over the internet which can be unreliable when your workforce is operating with different network providers. Eliminating the reliance on the internet surpasses the levels of voice performance offered by suppliers who do route calls over the net, and also provides end-to-end QoS giving end customers a much better experience.

Thanks to the contact centre feature, customer expectations can be managed quickly and efficiently. Connecting via the clouds allows contact centres to make faster and better decisions that are based on real-time information across all applications and devices. This promotes a continuous cycle of success as agents work smarter, businesses run leaner and customers are happier!

Your Contact Centre Solution


Adaptive & Flexible

In a contact centre environment things are constantly changing so keeping up to speed with these changes is key. When working remotely, a hands-on approach to management isn’t always possible as you can’t pull your team together for a brief office meeting. Hard-working customer service teams need reliable connections in order to optimally function.

 Stay Connected

Stay Connected

8x8 keeps your agents connected no matter where they are, and can peak performance both in and out of the contact centre. Your supervisors can monitor and fine-tune customer/agent engagement as needed to ensure it’s in line with company values whilst also making the most of the situation. The contact centre capability will empower your workforces so they can work smarter, not harder!

Improved Customer Experience

Improved Customer Experience

The innovative collaboration and coaching tools increase agent engagement to create quality outcomes as they are able to respond to customers consistently and completely. What the 8x8 platform provides is an effective and easy way for you to make your customer journeys smoother, more personalised and less time consuming - meaning it’s ideal for those with high expectations as you know they will be matched.

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