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At FluidOne, we understand that reliable communication between your offices, home workers and clients is vital to your success. We empower our clients to improve processes and collaboration and drive digital innovation to maximise productivity.

In the highly regulated and data-sensitive professional services industry, there is a need to transmit information in a fast, reliable manner, wherever your customers or employees may be based. Our connected cloud solutions enable us to support your in-house IT Team at whatever stage you are on your digital transformation journey to ensure that your end users are connected to business critical applications efficiently and securely, wherever they may be.

At FluidOne we will consult with your team to plan, supply, implement and manage the best solution for your business. Our capability extends from providing SD-WAN connectivity, with the most connected network in the UK, to supplying mobile managed services, IoT, IT and cloud managed services, cyber security, unified communications and contact centre solutions.

FluidOne Solutions


Connectivity From The UK’s Most Connected Network

Professional services companies need high performance, secure connectivity between all sites, and remote workers, to ensure that data and applications are secure and accessible, regardless of where in the world your users are.

At FluidOne, our software defined network, Platform One, is the most connected network in the UK, so you know that you are in safe hands. We partner with the leading providers, including best in class SD-WAN brands, to bring the agility you need to meet your business needs.


IT & Cloud Managed Services

At FluidOne we partner with your in-house IT team to empower your workforce and ensure anytime, anywhere data access from any device - ensuring security and efficiency at all times. We provide flexible solutions and engagement models that are specifically tailored to meet your businesses individual needs.


Unified Communications

With an increase in remote working, communication systems have become more and more disparate across businesses. At FluidOne we can streamline all business communications with reliable and secure, market-leading solutions that bring together internal and external stakeholders on a single platform.


Securing Against Increased Cyber Threats

Cyber security is a key requirement for all sectors and an effective cyber strategy requires a proactive approach and sophisticated solutions. Ransomware and phishing attacks are on the rise and many professional services businesses are struggling to deal with the volume of alerts. At FluidOne we have invested in a dedicated cyber division run by some of the brightest minds in the industry to keep our customers a step ahead of the cyber criminals, Cyber Security Associates (“CSA”). CSA’s solution set includes assessments for all areas of your infrastructure to meet any regulatory requirements and ensure you always know where you stand.

Key Questions

  • Is poor network connectivity, in any of your locations, impacting your overall business performance?
  • Is securing your network a challenge?
  • Would you like more information on your network performance to understand what it is being used for?
  • Are you using multiple communication platforms across your business?
  • Are you tied into long term contracts for your technology stack?
  • Are you tied to one carrier with your existing connectivity provider?
  • Are you still using legacy systems?
  • Are you struggling to deal with increased IT compliance in your industry?

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