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At FluidOne, we have been working with the Construction sector since our inception and are experts in providing multi-site connectivity and IT solutions that enable your users to connect to their business critical applications, simply and securely, wherever they are.

As the world around us continues to change rapidly and the pace of digital transformation accelerates, you need a partner that understands the changing needs of your sector and is able to provide the necessary solutions to enable your construction business to connect and manage projects and operations efficiently.

One of the biggest challenges facing the construction sector today is the lead time required to get a new remote site up and running and connected to the corporate network and your cloud-based applications. When you combine this with the challenges brought about by nationwide remote working and the need to provide enterprise-grade connectivity to enable access to data-heavy and cloud-based applications, it means that you can be left with unwanted delays to get solutions that are fit for purpose and additional costs with every project.

The right technology can provide both the flexibility to respond rapidly when required, and also increase efficiency for scalability.

Our services range from specialist IT consulting engagements, rapid site deployments, intelligent edge networking solutions such as SD-WAN, to Public and Hybrid Cloud services and a full suite of cyber security services, all underpinned by our Queen’s award winning, most connected network in the UK, Platform One.

FluidOne Solutions


Remote Site-in-a-box

In the construction sector efficiency and reliability are key. With quick install times, high speeds and reliability, our site-in-a-box solution, that includes our multi-network F1-Sim, allows you to get set up anywhere, securely, simply and quickly.


Remote Working & Collaboration

With remote working now the norm, effective and efficient collaboration between head office teams, on-site staff, and customers is now more challenging than ever.

This coupled with a high volume of large, sensitive data being transferred between geographically dispersed sites on a daily basis means that the right tools for collaboration are not just important but essential. At FluidOne, we can provide a single solution across all locations with the support of a secure, efficient network to suit your needs.

Managing Complex Application

Managing Complex Application Requirements

Construction businesses utilise a wide range of sophisticated applications and platforms on a daily basis and all of these applications place significant demands on your technology stack, particularly with a multi-site, remote workforce to deal with and the fact that the apps are located in different places. Migration of key applications from cumbersome legacy systems to the Cloud is an important consideration and FluidOne can help you no matter what stage you are at on your digital transformation journey.


Securing Against Increased Cyber Threats

Cyber security is a key requirement for all sectors and an effective cyber strategy requires a proactive approach and sophisticated solutions. Ransomware and phishing attacks are on the rise and many construction businesses are struggling to deal with the volume of alerts. At FluidOne we have invested in a dedicated cyber division run by some of the brightest minds in the industry to keep our customers a step ahead of the cyber criminals, Cyber Security Associates (“CSA”). CSA’s solution set includes mobile endpoint protection so that you can ensure your remote workforce is as secure as your head offices.


Utilising SD-WAN Technology

The answer to a number of the challenges faced with rapid site deployment is the application of SD-WAN. When integrated with 4G, it can reduce costs associated with leased line solutions, add a new level of security and provide actionable, real-time performance monitoring. At FluidOne we partner with the best SD-WAN solutions on the market to provide the perfect solution for your business. Our construction customers are taking advantage of SD-WAN to commission and decommission new sites in 2 days, rather than the typical weeks and months they had previously experienced.

Key Questions

  • Is poor network connectivity at remote sites impacting your overall business performance?
  • Do you have to limit site communication by restricting voice and video or other critical applications?
  • Do you have poor or limited access to cloud-based applications at your remote sites?
  • Do you have problems with 4G connectivity when using standard 4G Sims?
  • Is the cost of MPLS services at sites proving prohibitive?
  • Would you like more information on your network performance to understand what it is being used for?
  • Would you like to have confidence that your site activity and communications are completely and totally secure?
  • Are you tied into long term contracts for your technology stack?
  • Are you tied to one carrier with your existing connectivity / mobile provider?

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Case Studies


Giving McLaren the leading edge with agile, roaming data SIMs solution.


Boosting Griffiths' connectivity, to increase productivity and efficiency.

Land Securities

As an FTSE 100 company, Land Securities needed a network supplier that was reliable in the service and the support it provided.

Construction Companies That Rely On FluidOne

Land Securities

“The roaming data bundle from FluidOne means that our teams can be up and running from day one, using 4G from the network with the best signal strength in any given area; and in a world where time is money, this really is priceless. This blended approach means we can be agile and flexible, allowing us to deliver on our promises to exceed our clients’ expectations.”

Dan Blackman, McLaren Construction
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