Connected Cloud Solutions For Manufacturing

The rapid convergence of operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) in the manufacturing industry has meant that manufacturers need to constantly innovate to remain competitive. This has had a significant impact on cyber security within the industry as it demands solutions that minimise downtime, mitigate risk and protect intellectual property.

The manufacturing industry is undergoing rapid change and with the integration of business units, devices and technologies leading the way to a future of smart factories, you need a partner that can support these changes. Our services range from consulting and providing connectivity via our queen’s award winning network, to IT and cloud managed services, mobile and IoT, cyber security and unified communications and contact centre services.

FluidOne Solutions

Global Network

Resilient Connectivity

Whether you are a single-site factory or a multi-site, multi-national organisation, a robust and resilient connection is business critical. We can help you communicate with cloud-based systems, send and receive orders, track logistics and customers, and generally help your company maximise its productivity.

At FluidOne, our market-leading software-defined network, Platform One, enables you to connect to other offices, cloud applications and a variety of systems and portals with ease. It can also allow you to deliver Wi-Fi and provide voice and unified communication services, as well as secure your network and data by offering a seamless, consistent service across all of your locations.


Securing Against Increased Cyber Threats

Cyber security is now a key requirement for all sectors and an effective cyber strategy requires a proactive approach and sophisticated solutions. At FluidOne, we can ensure that your smart factory remains secure with monitoring, detection, protection, response and training services to instill a cyber first mentality into your organisation.

With attacks on operational technology systems on the rise, at FluidOne we have invested in a dedicated cyber division run by some of the brightest minds in the industry to keep our customers a step ahead of the cyber criminals.


Boost Productivity

Secure collaboration between employees, contractors and suppliers requires access to data apps, even those that consume the most data, both anytime and anywhere, with the ability to connect efficiently and securely. Our SD-WAN solutions, such as VMware Velocloud, Fortinet, Cisco and ZScaler, empower teams, whilst ensuring IT remains in control.


Unified Communications Solutions

Our market-leading UC solutions can help you to connect your staff to your production line for optimum efficiency. As we move towards smart factories, staff interactions need to be smart and it’s not practical for staff to be communicating with each other on one system, with machines on a second and customers on a third.

Bring your teams and customers closer together, irrespective of their location with tools such as Microsoft Office 365, Teams, Mitel and 8x8. By creating a truly connected workforce, you can improve productivity and customer service, all while reducing the costs of legacy systems.


Modernise Your IT Systems

It’s essential that your devices are optimised to manage the changing needs of your smart factories and we can help. Monitor and control processes, streamline your operations and gain usable insights to improve efficiency.

Key Questions

  • Is poor network connectivity, in any of your locations, impacting your overall business performance?
  • Is securing any part of your network proving to be a challenge?
  • Are you having to restrict user behaviour in different locations to maintain a secure network?
  • Would you like more information on your network performance to understand what it is being used for?
  • Are you using multiple communication platforms across different areas of your business?
  • Are you tied into long term contracts for your technology stack?
  • Are you tied to one carrier with your existing connectivity / mobile provider?
  • Are you still using legacy systems?
  • Do you have the devices that you need to efficiently run a smart factory?

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