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Whilst the pandemic has undoubtedly affected all industries, the acceleration of digital transformation in the finance and insurance sectors has been unprecedented. The sector has been subjected to an increasingly complex regulatory landscape which presents numerous challenges around the handling of data and means operational resilience is a critical priority. Mass remote working was previously considered impossible within the industry and with a large number of legacy and bespoke applications, the move to cloud services has been challenging.

To remain ahead, businesses have had to embrace digital transformation and deploy solutions that maximise resilience, scalability and remain cost effective. At FluidOne we understand the needs of the Finance & Insurance sector and have the solutions that you need to remain compliant and stay ahead of the competition. Our services range from specialist consulting to planning, implementation and ongoing management across connectivity, mobile, IoT, unified communications, contact centre, cyber security and IT and cloud managed services.

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Cloud Services

It is important to adopt Cloud services in a strategic, controlled manner to build an environment that avoids any business disruption. We have seen a number of clients adopt a Hybrid Cloud strategy and, for example, we have proven success in delivering on-net private cloud with Secure Azure express route interconnectivity. We also have a deep expertise in unlocking and harnessing the power of 0ffice 365 as part of our Modern Workplace solutions and, ideal for highly regulated industries, we also take advantage of Azure AutoPilot, MFA, Intune and utilise DLP (Data Loss Prevention) services.

Connectivity From The UK’s Most Connected Network

Connectivity From The UK’s Most Connected Network

Finance and Insurance companies need high performance, extremely secure connectivity between all sites, and remote workers, to ensure that sensitive data and applications are secure and accessible, regardless of where in the world your users are.

At FluidOne, our software defined network, Platform One, is the most connected network in the UK, so you know that you are in safe hands. We offer scalability, minimal latency and high availability from over 30 carriers across multiple connectivity technologies to ensure that we can meet your data-intensive requirements.

Disaster Recovery As A Service

Disaster Recovery As A Service

Especially popular with our regulated customers, our Disaster Recover as a Service offering aligns with your businesses own internal disaster recovery and business continuity strategies to provide the outcome that you need. At FluidOne we understand that flexibility and operational resilience is needed to deal with even the largest possible disruption and ensure that your sensitive data remains secure and your users and customers are able to continue with day to day operations without disruption.

Securing Against Increased Cyber Threats

Securing Against Increased Cyber Threats

Cyber security is a key requirement for all sectors and an effective cyber strategy requires a proactive approach and sophisticated solutions. The financial services sector is a high-value target for cyber attacks, facing constant intrusion attempts and other attacks and it makes a proactive approach difficult.

We understand that whilst protecting extremely sensitive data is a top priority, for both business and compliance reasons, security cannot come at the expense of network performance, as your users demand real-time access to every application. At the same time, businesses must also control costs and optimize operational efficiency to remain competitive in this industry.

At FluidOne we have invested in a dedicated cyber division (Cyber Security Associates) run by some of the brightest minds in the industry, including the former Head of Cyber for the Bank of England, to keep our customers a step ahead of the cyber criminals. We are perfectly placed to help you respond to the compliance challenges of your industry and give you the solutions you need for peace of mind.

 Unified Communications

Unified Communications

With the huge increase in remote working, communication systems have become more and more disparate across businesses. At FluidOne we can streamline all business communications with reliable and secure, market-leading solutions that bring together internal and external stakeholders on a single platform, all the while ensuring your financial data remains secure.

Key Questions

  • Does your business suffer from inefficiencies to ensure your financial data remains secure?
  • Are you concerned about the security of your financial data?
  • Do you have poor or limited access to cloud-based applications at your remote sites / when your employees are working remotely?
  • Would you like more information on your network performance to understand what it is being used for?
  • Is communication across your business, from employees to customers, as efficient as it could be?
  • Would you like to have confidence that your users activity and communications are completely and totally secure?
  • Are you tied into long term contracts for your technology stack?
  • Are you tied to one carrier with your existing provider?

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Crowe Clark Whitehill

WAN solution for Crowe Clark Whitehill

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“Every individual we’ve met at every level has been trained to a high level. Other organisations offer a similar set of products as FluidOne, but no one I’ve come across has done it with such relaxed professionalism. For us it was a breath of fresh air.”

Crowe Clark Whitehall
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