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Straightforward Data Storage, Managed By Us

Managing exponential data growth is one of the biggest challenges faced by businesses today. Archiving emails, call recordings, videos, images, applications and big data analytics mean storage demands are getting more complex and costly to manage.

That’s why more businesses are outsourcing the management of their data storage. With the solutions and experience the right provider can offer, it’s easier to create a more manageable, agile and cost efficient storage environment. But you’ll need the right support to ensure your storage infrastructure is best aligned to meet your current and future requirements.

Data Storage Expertise

Our storage experts have decades of experience working with companies from a wide range of industries. We understand the importance of using different technologies to meet contrasting business needs. Whether its network attached storage, Storage Area Networks (SAN’s), cloud storage or tiered storage platforms, we can manage and protect your data.

We’ll ensure you get the right storage solution or mix of technologies to meet your data access, availability and performance needs.

Our Managed Storage Solutions & Expertise Delivers


Scalability & Performance

Scale up your storage requirements quickly. Our scalable hosted storage platforms allow you to respond faster to new opportunities and demands and keep moving forward. Whether you’re a fast growing businesses, a firm with seasonal workload demands, or research and financial organisations whose activities rely on huge data volumes and data intensive applications.


Easy Access

Get to your data quicker and make the changes you need. Our cloud storage solutions allow you to manage your data and allocate your resources from anywhere, at anytime. Making it easier to manage and keep track of what’s happening with your data storage.


Maximum Data Availability

Optimise the availability of your data. We’ll remotely monitor and manage your storage environment, alerting you and taking required actions if you’re reaching critical capacity. We’ll also ensure your data’s continually backed up, so its performance and availability is never compromised, even in the event of a disaster.


Cost Control

Reduce the cost of managing and storing your data with our tiered storage platforms. These offer the greatest efficiency by allowing you to balance cost against data access and speed. Auto-tiering technology optimises data across tiers according to its importance and frequency of use.


Security & Compliance

Create a more secure, auditable and compliant data storage environment. The data centres where we host our storage offer the highest levels of data security assurances, through compliance with ISO9001, ISO27001 and PCI-DSS industry standards. Our tiered storage solutions can also help with compliance, by offering cost efficient options when you have a range of data storage requirements you need to address. Ideal if like many businesses you need to store data long term, or use call recording software and need a more auditable environment for your voice data.


Efficient Archiving

Establish a more manageable file storage system. From purging unwanted and unnecessary files or protecting and moving the ones you want to keep, to reporting tools that allow you to identify the root causes of any storage problems. We’ll enable you to set up a more efficient data archiving environment that automatically removes files according to policies you set. Helping you free up valuable storage space and save time and money.

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Data Deduplication

Eliminate redundant data, reduce the storage space you require and better manage your data growth. We’ll help you achieve this through data deduplication. By storing one rather than multiple instances of the same data set, deduplication makes storage more efficient. So you could issue an identical email file to many recipients and reduce the demands on your storage environment.

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