Mobile Deployment Services

Smartphones and tablets are a costly extension of your corporate IT infrastructure. FluidOne recognizes the importance of deploying these devices with the right configurations and security.

FluidOne have helped many corporate businesses and government organisations with mobile deployment. Mobile deployment offers numerous benefits. These are some of the reasons customers choose to use our industry leading deployment services.

Managed outsource of staging and rollout reduces stress on your internal resources Asset ownership and management
Greater control of your devices
As standard, our deployments come with a break/fix solution for up to 3 years Our skilled technicians are training to support all Mobile OS and manufacturers

Recent customer challenges resolved

Customer A
A leading UK logistics business required a vendor to source, stage, secure and store hardware for their field agents. The challenge was to provide a break/fix agreement that meant all users had a new device built to meet the corporate IT and GDPR policies.

Customer B
A leading global consulting business provide users with Apple devices. However, managing devices that had been enrolled by individuals meant IT had no control over highly valuable assets. This became an issue when employees no longer used the device. These devices could no longer be used by anyone else, as the previous owners would not share unlock codes. Using our DEP enrolment, we were able to provide a corporate enrolment policy that allowed better control of devices and investments in hardware.

Mobile Deployment Services Features

FluidOne can work with your business to create a smartphone or tablet policy that ensures you have complete control and accountability of all your investments.

Controllable Assets

Controllable Assets

Devices are enrolled as corporate identities, allowing better control and management of assets

Asset Management

Asset Management

FluidOne provide monthly reports on your assets



Next-day replacements with a like for like device, with identical device staging and build



In addition to building a bespoke OS policy, our staging facility can deploy devices globally

Want to work with a team that has over 15 years’ experience in delivering mobile solutions?

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