SIP Trunking

Our Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunking solution provides connectivity for your voice telephone system (IP PBX) to the Public Telephone Network (PSTN).

SIP Trunking Key Features

SIP is a communication protocol for signalling and controlling multi-media communications sessions, such as the Unified Communications (UC) applications of voice, video, instant messaging, virtual white boarding, file and desktop

Cost effective

Market leading tariffs

Business Continuity

Future proof communications


5000 UK landlines and 2000 mobile minutes per channel


Remove the need for a costly ISDN line

Typical activation 2–4 weeks

Managed by a dedicated Service Delivery team


Scale based on your business demand


Keep your telephone numbers

Single billing platform

One simple bill per month for all your calls


An engineer is available, all day, every day


Resilience options and Disaster Recovery (DR)

Why FluidOne SIP Trunking?

Use your data connection with SIP Trunking to provide your voice services while keeping all the features of your existing telephone system, numbers and call quality. Lower your call usage costs with SIP Trunks by taking one of our cost-effective packages.

How it works?

FluidOne SIP channels connect your business to the Public Telephone Network (PSTN) through our own network, providing a less expensive and agiler replacement to traditional ISDN telephony services.

Why FluidOne?

We are the most connected network aggregator in the UK, making us number one for multi-site connectivity. Platform One, our software-defined national fibre network, incorporates our market-leading portal Dash and integrates Cloud, IoT, broadband, Ethernet and mobile communications services from every major asset owner in the UK.

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