FluidOne announces business strategy and launches “Platform One”

30 · May ·2018

Managed Service providers first to benefit from new software defined integrated Cloud, IoT, Mobile, broadband and fixed line platform.


FluidOne’s new CEO, Russell Horton, today announces his strategy for the company for the next 5 years and central to the plan is an ambitious new proposition to the channel.

“My review of the business in the period since my appointment led me to some clear conclusions, not least of which is that FluidOne is under-represented in the channel,” said Horton. “FluidOne has developed a platform for connectivity services that is, frankly, the broadest and most capable I have ever seen. Its software-defined network integrates Cloud, IoT, broadband, Ethernet and mobile communications services from every major asset owner in the UK. It then makes them all available to partners and customers with full software control via a single in-house developed portal called DASH. It’s just what the channel needs.” From a FluidOne channel perspective, Platform One helps partners deepen relationships with their own customers by presenting a huge range of connectivity options; provide more competitive quotes faster than their competitors; deliver those services quickly; have none of the connectivity integration challenges that they would normally expect; gain access to a wide range of unique FluidOne service features; avoid the multiple supplier commitments that separate mobile, broadband and fixed line agreements would entail; benefit from focussed pre-sales and major bid support and make great margins from very competitive pricing. Russell continues “Our new vision is to be the best quality data connectivity provider to UK businesses, helping our customers and partners to securely connect any device, wherever they may be, to their mission critical applications and data. I expect the business to outperform the sector in the medium term and plan to triple annuity revenues in the next five years. My priority is to utilise the service automation technologies we have developed to increase our presence in the channel and here, we’ll achieve our growth targets through a combination of organic growth, strategic alliances and acquisition. Our organic plans focus on building our partner channel and we have channel businesses in our sights that add clear value both to our own services and to the markets that they choose to serve. They are most likely to be Integrators, Managed Service and Unified Communications providers. We expect to on-board at least five new partners that fit this profile per month for the foreseeable future. I joined the business as it was completing development of its in-house software-defined network programme and today I’m pleased to make an important announcement. Today we are launching the first phase of Platform One, our new software defined connectivity platform. Platform One is FluidOne’s national fibre network. From its 18 anchor datacentres around the UK, it blends the services of 25 different asset owning communications providers, including IoT, Ethernet, Broadband, Mobile, Internet, WiFi, Cloud and hosting services into one ready to compare, ready to quote, ready to order, ready to use national service that can be tailored via its online portal, DASH, to support the connectivity needs of a broad cross-section of UK customers and partners. It is, we believe, the most complete connectivity platform in the UK. Mike Ridley, Head of Partners at FluidOne added “Not surprisingly, we are already seeing some real traction for the Platform One proposition in our partner channel and we are seeing early business success from those that have worked with us to develop the platform and get it ready for the mainstream. My goal is to recruit another 50-70 resellers in the next 18 months. We bring the most value to resellers with their own service platforms – UC, for example, or hosted IT services requiring a blend of connectivity types for each end customer. That’s where we really win together. Platform One becomes the private cloud that connects all of the end customer assets and staff to the resellers own service platform. We’ll train our partners, support bids, help design complex networks, provide commercial support where necessary and give constant advice about delivery. Our DASH portal takes over from there, providing partners with constant feedback on service performance and direct access to 24*365 tech support from our own service team. Together, we’ll win more business, faster and with better prices and margins than traditional connectivity supplier relationships allow.” -Ends-


About FluidOne: Established in 2006, London based FluidOne is a communications service integrator, serving the connectivity needs of thousands of business customers and several hundred managed service partners. FluidOne’s national fibre network, Platform One, interconnects the wholesale services of every leading cloud service, datacentre, mobile operator, broadband supplier, fixed line operator and telephony service provider into a common service network, creating a single platform of pre-integrated services. FluidOne’s DASH customer portal makes these aggregated services easy to compare, easy to choose, easy to consume, flexible in use and as powerful and reliable as each customer requires. www.fluidone.com | marketing@fluidone.com

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