We have a winner!

Posted by Karen on Aug 18, 2016 12:00:00 AM
July saw us launch our brand new e-newsletter. Naturally, it was a massive success and what's more is that we have a winner of our inaugural competition! Cornelius (European manufacturers and distributors of specialty chemicals, additives and ingredients for the Care, Health & Nutrition and Industrial Products markets) will tonight be experiencing the sweet taste of success after being declared victorious. They won by correctly deciphering our ridiculously hard puzzle. The code, stolen from The Da Vinci Code, roughly translates to “I really really really want a case of champagne!” and Cornelius were successfully able to copy and paste the binary into Google and get the answer. We approached Cornelius after their extraordinary win for a comment and James Atkinson, IT Manager said: "When I entered the competition I did so for the fun of solving it - I didn't believe for one moment that I would be the winner - winning is absolutely fizz-tastic!" Ah what a gent, although I think that he needs to work on his puns as I think he could get himself into bubble with that one. Congratulations then to Cornelius but commiserations to the other 250 entrants that failed to win. I mean you’re all winners, just not in the scope of this particular competition. See ya next month folks.
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