Wings for Life World Run 2015

Posted by Karen on Apr 30, 2015 12:00:00 AM
This bank weekend holds a very exciting event for some Fluidata team members. This Sunday, Wings for Life – with their silent lead please partner Red Bull - holds the Wings for Life World Run. The event is a global running and wheelchair event taking place in over 35 locations simultaneously around the world.

While the UK course is over 100kms long, there is no finish line. A fun feature of this charity race is the ‘Catcher Car’ is your finish line; it’s a car driven by F1 superstar David Coulthard, which travels at 15km, 30minutes after the race starts and accelerates throughout, “I love the irony of it”, said Coulthard, a veteran of over 240 Formula One races. “I spent my life putting the pedal to the metal, and here I am at Silverstone driving at a dizzying 15 km/h. But the best part about my race day is that I know I will eventually overtake my former team mate Mark Webber, who is running at Silverstone.”

The run is in support of funding research to find a cure for spinal cord injury and 100% of donations go to the scientists – no admin or hidden fees. With the dismal weather forecast please get behind our Fluidata runners and donate here.
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