Tablets to replace school books in South Korea

Posted by Karen on Jul 25, 2011 12:00:00 AM
South Korea is on the verge of spending $2-billion on a vast digital scholastic network which will see tablet PC’s replace all paper textbooks. South Korea is widely regarded to be the most tech savvy nation in the world, and a recent study, by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation, found South Korean children to score higher than all other international counterparts in their ability to absorb digital information. The nation also tops the International broadband rankings, with average speeds of 31.59 Mb/s. No doubt there is a strong correlation between the strength of their IP network and the proliferate development of both digital learning and South Korean students’ skill in harnessing it. It’s unclear whether we will see this kind of development on UK shores anytime soon. It’s evident that a wholesale move towards E-Books and E-Learning would be contingent on improved connectivity, and in particular better access in remote areas - where the paucity of internet access leaves some students unable to navigate the web and draw as much value out of digital technology.
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