Mobile internet is growing, but why are we all not online?

Posted by Karen on Sep 13, 2011 12:00:00 AM
A recent survey of internet access from the office of national statistics, has shown significant  increases in  internet usage within the UK. It’s calculated that 41.26 million UK adults use the internet, with the largest growth deriving from the 16-25 age group. Most prolific growth has been witnessed in mobile phone internet usage, an increase in 15% since 2010 means this medium now accounts for 45% of  overall UK internet usage. Home usage increased by a steady 4% from the previous year - totalling a 77% usage figure for UK households. We should point out that while increased more mobile phone internet usage illustrates an increase in overall internet usage, it doesn’t mean there are more internet users in the UK , as the majority of mobile internet users already have the internet in place at home. For businesses, there would be a rising need for mobile device management solutions. One  worrying conclusion we bring from the internet statistics is that there is still a massive 23% of the population who do not use the internet – with half of them stating that they “didn’t need the internet”. A fifth of those who didn’t use the internet said they didn’t have the skills to get online, which is a driving force for the UK to encourage support programmes for those who have not had the opportunity or tools to build IT skills. One of the most significant movements is The Race Online 2012. This organisation, spearheaded  by Martha Lane Fox, is  working with UK  industry, government and charities to inspire, encourage and support the millions of people who are not in active internet use, to be online by the end of the Olympic year 2012. No doubt we will be reporting more internet usage growth in the years to come.
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