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Increase adoption of rural networks

16 · AUG ·2011

Bringing connectivity to rural homes and businesses has received quite a lot of press recently as the government gears up for a significant investment into new last mile networks. This should help to stimulate local communities and make low density populations more accessible. Part of the issue however, with this kind of government investment, is trying to give consumers a choice of provider. The cost for ISPs to connect to these networks can be significant in terms of national backbone connectivity and development costs. We have been working on this issue for the past year and will soon be announcing a new joint venture to solve this issue. By providing ISPs with one network with which to connect, Fluidata will then connect to all the rural networks along with the regular national providers. This will dramatically cut costs, improve take up and deliver ISPs with a wide portfolio of products and services. This will provide a network unique in terms of reach and choice of technology. This article at Telecoms.com gives further details and insight into the problem and Fluidata’s solution.

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Posted by Sanita Karra