Fluidata raise over £8,000 for charity in Tough Mudder Challenge

Posted by Karen on May 14, 2012 12:00:00 AM
Fluidata are delighted to report that on Saturday a crack team of 13 FD employees (known collectively as the ‘ Bandwidth Bandits’) participated and successfully completed ‘ Tough Mudder’ – a gruelling 12 mile endurance obstacle course designed by British Special Forces. The event took place in Kettering, within the beautiful grounds of Broughton Manor – the 11,200 acre estate of The Duke of Buggleach. As a landscape it’s the very portrait of rural serenity, but on Saturday it was transformed; playing host to heinous barbed wire fenced mud pits, flaming hay bales and a plethora of malevolent sounding obstacles such as ‘Devils Beard’  ‘Death March’ and ‘Electroshock Therapy’, all of which 6,000 adrenaline pumped entrants on the day set out to negotiate. The organisers call their course ’Probably the Toughest Event on the Planet’ and I can testify they might not be wrong. Wading long distances knee deep in mud, attempting to clamber up 4 metre walls, that was the easy part! Because when we weren’t doing that we’d be doing anything from slipping off purposely greased monkey bars into frozen lakes, to running through wire electrified to 10,000 volts! Needless to say ‘Tough Mudder’ was a formidable test of individual strength, grit and endurance; however most of all conquering the course was testament to the merits of team work. Most of the tasks were not possible to complete on your own and throughout the course, and also in the months of tough training prior to it, maintaining morale was vital to success. Crossing the line together then felt like culmination of months of collective hard work and a real achievement for the strong camaraderie within our group. Though we did suffer one injury a group (a suspected shoulder dislocation) Tough Mudder has been a real success for the company; great for morale and providing a real buzz in the office over the last few months. Half the company are now also very fit, which is excellent for energy levels and productivity. Last but not least we rose over £8,000 for Help For Heroes. A great cause which, you’ll be pleased to hear, we are still collecting for!
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