Fluidata in 2015

Posted by Karen on Jan 2, 2015 12:00:00 AM
Last week (and technically year) Fluidata published our round-up of 2014 which included some of our own personal highlights as well as the biggest issues and talking points in the online industry. At Fluidata we believe that the UK digital divide is an issue that is becoming increasingly prominent, which is why since 2009 we have been working on our Service Exchange Platform (SEP) to provide Internet access to areas affected by rural broadband.

Due to our work on alleviating the digital divide, Fluidata was awarded the Queens Award for Enterprise in Innovation 2014 as well as moved from strength to strength as a company as a whole. This is why we are extremely proud to announce that this year Fluidata will be offering our customers further services and solutions, all of which will feature on our brand new website launching in the next few months.

Along with our leased line, business Ethernet, anti-virus and managed hosting solutions, as of next year Fluidata will focus on a new range of cloud computing services. As with most of our products, we aim for our cloud computing services to be industry leaders with flexibility and security at their core. During 2014 a number of experts were concerned that cloud computing was too unsecure for sensitive data, which is why Fluidata has created our own, ultra-secure versions. Throughout the year we will be posting further information concerning our new website, cloud solutions and online portal in our News section.

As usual, we will also be discussing industry news including the UK broadband market which at the latter end of last year was rapidly changing. Back in December Fluidata published an article revealing how telecommunications giant BT were debating purchasing the mobile network carrier EE, and now BT has officially released a statement confirming that this is true.

Earlier on in the year one of BT’s biggest rivals – Vodafone – also announced that they were in talks to purchase Cable and Wireless. At the same time Sky and other big players in the market started planning on expanding their product sets to include not just TV, broadband and phone but also connectivity as a whole.

These ‘bundles’ have already come under scrutiny by those that work in the industry as many are unsure that the companies will be able to provide high-quality services across the board. The phrase ‘jack of all trades, master of none’ springs to mind, especially when you consider the fact that companies such as BT have spent the last twelve months being investigated by the telecommunications regulator Ofcom and defending themselves against claims that their products are sub-standard.

These companies claim that by purchasing a bundle customers will be able to save both time and money – but are they compromising quality for quantity? Being continuously connected to the Internet via computers, mobiles and smart TVs is now expected by most homes and businesses, but without the resources and technology to back this up these companies could ultimately fail their customers.

Here at Fluidata we believe that there are no substitutes when it comes to technology – without investing in top of the line solutions and services companies and individuals are left open to both sub-stand products and security issues. As we saw last year with the Heartbleed bug, even the smallest lapses in security can lead to worldwide issues, which is why we will continue to provide our customers with high-quality products.

2015 looks set to be a year filled with challenges, however here at Fluidata we love a challenge and relish in the idea of stepping up to the plate with our very own solutions and services. Hopefully this year will be as successful as the last, however the only way to find out is to watch this space!
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