Fashion comes to technology

Posted by Karen on Oct 9, 2012 12:00:00 AM
Last month’s London Fashion show provided an illustration of how the fashion world, always renowned for being ‘up-to-date’, has adopted modern technology. Burberry for example streamed their new catwalk collection live and accompanied it with running commentary via Twitter. Whilst high street fashion retail brands such as All Saints are furnishing in store clients with iPads; so they can view broader online collections, check availability, and even see what their clothes might look like on virtual online models. The company Cutecircuit are going one step further by developing “accessories that merge the fields of wearable computing and telecommunication technology creating an exciting new interface for personal communication”, The Hug Shirt, their marque product, allows for mobile phones to deliver ‘hug data’ to a friend's phone that is then seamlessly transmitted via Bluetooth to his or her shirt, resulting in the wearer experiencing an ‘actual squeeze’. 'The 1990’s Hypercolour shirt' For those of a certain generation, the Hug Shirt, in its synthesising of technology and fashion invokes memories of that early 90’s fashion favourite the Hypercolour I guess it goes to show just how far fashion, or perhaps more to the point technology has progressed...
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