Everything goes IP

Posted by Karen on Oct 25, 2009 12:00:00 AM
The Internet has become an essential component of our working lives over the last 15 years. It’s hard to imagine communication without recourse to email, research without access to the web, even lunchtime without Facebook is becoming a distant memory. In recent years the internet has started to be harnessed for more wide ranging purposes; from file sharing and VPN access to phone calls, data, and video and even alarm systems. With many of the later services I’ve mentioned, IP and DSL in particular is yet to be fully embraced as the principle method of protocol. Predominately this is due to people’s experiences; many of us have conducted VoIP calls where the other user sounds as if they are at the bottom of the well, or sat in a video conference and been treated to audio/visual quality redolent of watching the TV on an old, faulty 1970’s set complete with coat hanger masquerading as aerial. Poor connectivity is often the fault line here and it has led to companies plumping for costly leased lines or ISDN, or abandoning this type of system altogether. However, with the advent of Annex-M, and DSL connectivity with guaranteed contention and failover options, the technology is now in a position to reliably support VoIP, video conferencing and other important data. Such developments are is not only providing huge cost benefits for end users but also for systems integrators and unified communication operators. At Fluidata we have certainly seen an increase in partnerships with operators in voice, video and hope the DSL we provide will facilitate more devices and systems to switch to IP in the future.
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