EFM provides options for business

Posted by Karen on Jun 1, 2011 12:00:00 AM
Fluidata provide for a wide range of clients - from small tech start up’s to large enterprise organisations. Over the last 5 years we’ve helped hundreds of these organisations achieve fast, reliable, low contended internet utilising lower cost DSL based technologies. New developments in the connectivity market - most notably the advent of EFM and FTTC products, are now providing Fluidata the opportunity to assist even more companies of this size. Although FFTC is grabbing many headlines at the moment, it’s actually EFM which is more business focused as a closer alternative to leased line technologies.  In fact, it shares many characteristics with Fluidata’s proprietary bonding platform - PureFluid; both involve bonding copper pairs over one IP subnet and also offer similar metrics on contention, latency and packet loss. Speed’s range from 2 Mb/s symmetric through to 10 Mb/s (dependent on location). With the bonding on EFM taking place at the telephone exchange and via one carrier, its resiliency is restricted to the copper pairs - however Fluidata are already looking into ways of bolstering resiliency via 3G or other backup services. EFM is extending Fluidata’s reach across the UK, allowing for us to provide high upload, low contention services at more UK exchanges. Please get in touch with your Fluidata Account Manager to find out more.
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