Double Whammy

Posted by Karen on Jul 27, 2009 12:00:00 AM
DUAL ADVANCE is the latest product innovation from Fluidata, and takes our ADVANCE product range to the next level. Ever thought it would be great to actually use your back up line as opposed to on the odd occasion when your main line fails? Or you need two separate lines for different applications such as voice and data? Well DUAL ADVANCE is your answer. DUAL ADVANCE uses a Cisco 1841 router and has two separate carriers in one solution that still behaves like separate lines. It maintains line independence whilst allowing for clients to specify which line is used for what traffic. Therefore each line has a separate IP address. The beauty comes when one line fails, the IP address and data fails seamlessly on to the other line, so essentially you will have two different IP addresses working on the same line until the problem is fixed and the IP address will seamlessly fail back over onto its original line. DUAL ADVANCE comes with a 99.99% uptime guarantee as each line is provided by a separate last mile carrier so that maximum uptime is assured. This is because either line functions as a backup to the other. Ensuring your business is never without connectivity. Please ask your account manager today for further details.
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