Could graphene take the internet speeds to hyper speed?

Posted by Karen on Sep 1, 2011 12:00:00 AM
Scientists at Cambridge and Manchester University have found ways to use graphene to enhance internet speeds by up to hundred times the speed we currently consider ‘superfast’ broadband. Graphene is quickly becoming the ‘darling’ of the technological research and has further enhanced its reputation of being the material of the 21 st century by adding ‘connectivity’ to its already sterling repertoire of capabilities. It’s not only very extremely flexible – but it is also the thinnest and strongest material ever tested. By sticking two closely spaced metallic wires on top of the graphene, pioneers have found ways to enhance the light conversion & capture – which was previously only 3%. By combining this with the unique mobility & high velocity of its electron structure scientists’ believe that this could potentially supersede fiber optic connectivity in years to come. Graphene had previously been used in a prototype in Korea to build a flexible 25 Inch touch screen, and IBM also used the material in another prototype to show its capabilities on a high speed switching circuit. The fact that working prototypes using graphene are now being created only strengthens the credibility of this material. I’m sure all the people in white coats at the major tech companies around the globe are rubbing their hands in anticipation along with Businesses and end users looking for the fastest connection possible, I know I wouldn’t mind a 10 Gb/s internet connection. Watch this space...
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