Another dimension to disaster recovery (FD 3G)

Posted by Karen on Jun 13, 2011 12:00:00 AM
Fluidata have expanded our product portfolio of late to reach outside the confines of the office, Fluidata are now offering 3G for your mobile working needs. Our new Remote 3G offering brings another dimension to disaster recovery and network control, enabling workers to communicate with each other within a centralised network without the tedious and unstable VPN link. One of the main benefits is that each individual SIM that we offer has its own allocated IP. Meaning that should this be integrated into a private layer 2 network, such as our PWAN, full MTU can be maintained.  As this will be straight into a private network, time won’t need to be wasted connecting to a VPN whenever signal drops. Another benefit of this is that the bandwidth could then be pooled, enabling you to manage the allocated data across your workforce, rather than having to focus on individual usage allocation. In addition to this we can integrate the 3G technology to offer failover from your main office connections to help maintain connectivity in the event of an outage.  This can either be by having spare Sims in a drawer, or connected to the router to ensure seamless failover for those mission critical connections. With the long lead times from BT Openreach at the moment, we can start a customer off on 3G until the line is installed and then move the IP over to the internet service line.
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