Platform One Wholesale DSL

Wholesale Layer 3 xDSL

Interconnect with FluidOne’s award winning national network, Platform One, to deliver your own services, using your own IP address ranges, to your customers via the best of both BT & TalkTalk’s wholesale xDSL access networks. Using your own IP addresses gives you complete control and ownership of YOUR customer’s services, migrating and upgrading as and when YOU see fit.
  • Wholesale Layer 3 access to FTTx, ADSL2+

  • Present yours, ours or your customer’s IPs and Realms

  • Online quoting & ordering through Platform One’s “Dash” Portal

  • Get live order updates, view service statuses, test live services

  • Mix and match your xDSL services into private VPNs with our class leading Ethernet leased lines

  • Leverage our 24/7 support, growing product portfolio and marketing materials to deliver a world class, joined up service

in so many ways

Wholesale Layer 3 xDSL Features
Wholesale Layer 3 xDSL Features

With added Dash

FluidOne Dash

Dash lets you to access, manage and grow your service portfolio and solutions through a simple and intuitive, web-based use interface. Order new connections and get live carrier updates so you can keep your customers informed at all times.

  • Real time quoting and ordering. Choose the best value from BT Wholesale and TalkTalk in one portal

  • Manage your services, assign lines and check technical performance

  • Your technical and commercial service portal. 24/7/365 support, queries, ticketing, reporting & escalation. Contract, SLA & documentation library

  • One place, one itemised bill for all of your services. Shows real time invoices arising, settled and payments due