Sheena Dholakia

A qualified HR and training professional with over 20 years of people management experience under her belt, Sheena has led several change management programmes including TUPE, restructures, company sale, group mergers and site setups.

Sheena has also designed and delivered several leadership training programmes to ensure People Managers are equipped with the tools to manage high performing teams within a highly engaged and happy working environment. Having previously worked in operational and HR environments for both SME’s and large global organisations, at FluidOne, Sheena is responsible for the entire employee life cycle.

Sheena is a single mum with two daughters and a mentor for young adults (via the CIPD), helping those who want to get back into the system through work or further education. She is also a qualified Reiki Master and enjoys cooking and entertaining in her spare time.

H2 Brief: Head of People
H4 Unlimited Words: April 2018
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