James Storey

Having worked at several companies with CEO Russell Horton over a period of 16 years, James joined FluidOne after being headhunted by Russell himself.

Bringing his wealth of experience to FluidOne, James is responsible for all aspects of Customer Service and Billing. The core of his role is to ensure that the customer experience is at the heart of all of FluidOne’s planning and decision making. James makes sure FluidOne’s services, customer delivery and provisioning remain of the highest quality and lead the market. With a proven track record of improving NPS, James has been instrumental in integrating billing and operations for 12 acquisitions over several years in high growth environments. There he covered the full range of IT, Unified Communications, Connectivity and Mobile products.

James lives in London with his two daughters and spends his spare time learning to fly microlights whenever he gets the chance.

H2 Brief: Service and Billing Director
H4 Unlimited Words: June 2018
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