Ash Morarji

Ash has a proven track record with 18 years of Telecoms industry experience and is responsible for products, sales, service and innovation for Mobile solutions at FluidOne. Previously at One Point, Ash joined FluidOne following Fluidata’s acquisition of One Point in 2016. He has since enjoyed great success cross-selling services into the wider customer base, specialising in Mobile solutions.

In his role, Ash plays a key part in leading teams, winning new clients, cross-selling value-add-services and building long-term relationships with clients and suppliers. He is also responsible for developing the IoT product roadmap and strategy, leading innovation and combining IoT with our Platform One network to bring combined solutions to market.

Ash enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons, playing football or visiting any farm or zoo within reach. A keen foodie and former MasterChef contestant, Ash loves to cook, eat out and is partial to a little wine tasting.

H2 Brief: Commercial Director - Mobile
H4 Unlimited Words: June 2006
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