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In an age where online retail has the edge, the high street retailer needs all the advantages they can get. Good connectivity is vital.

High-speed internet connectivity may not seem like a vital matter for high street retailers to consider, but those that have excellent connectivity, and who use it well, reap the benefits of using it.

Retailers that provide free in-store Wi-fi are considering their customer’s experience. Without free Wi-fi access, people may have a harder time keeping connected to the things they love.

In-store Wi-fi also provides retailers with the ability to track the shoppers coming into their premises and chart their progress around the shop (or, track the patterns of behaviour, rather than the individual). This lets the retailer know which departments may need more staff, or which product section seems to be sparking interest in shoppers.

Offering customers added extras like this only benefits the retailer and enhances customer experience.

How FluidOne can help


Showcase compelling offers and send them to passer-by’s mobile devices using push notification functionality.

Create Interactive Experience

Create a seamless multi-channel experience with in-store connectivity and self-service screens.


Wi-fi analytics show you how your customers buy in store – enabling you to tailor an experience that suits them.


Reduce costs by upgrading solutions with no overlap in contracts with minimum contract terms starting at just 1 month.


Reliable Internet keeps your EPOS up and running ensuring you can always make the sale at the busiest of times.


Enable staff to be more productive by offering better collaboration tools using high-speed connectivity.

"FluidOne has made it possible to connect seamlessly into a stable AUS Data MPLS which has been critical for T. M. Lewin in its success. They have been excellent in delivery both in the UK and AUS ensuring the network just worked first time."

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