Better connectivity

Reliable communications between your offices and clients

Today’s workforce is becoming increasingly more mobile and, as such, need 24/7 access to a network in order to remain competitive.

In the highly regulated and data sensitive professional services industry, law firms, financial services and architects need to transmit information in a fast and reliable manner. With offsite hosting of services and desktop virtualisation also becoming central to a successful IT strategy, it’s more important than ever to have business-grade internet connectivity.

FluidOne can help you plan, supply, implement and manage effective networks for your business practices. Our capability extends to supporting your network, helping with troubleshooting and offering 24/7 assistance where required.

How FluidOne can help

Reduce Costs

Reduce costs by upgrading solutions with no overlap in contracts with minimum contract terms starting at just 1 month.

Go Paperless

Mobilise workforce with device managed tablets, enabling them to manage their workflow more efficiently.

Increase Flexibility

Temporary and quick start solutions can harness 3G technology to get new sites opened up quickly and efficiently.


Enable staff to be more productive by offering better collaboration tools using high-speed connectivity.


Through availability of multiple carriers through one supplier at each location and fast delivery of multiple technologies through one supplier.


Get a solution that grows with your business needs, allowing you to upscale easily when the time comes.

"We now have a central point of contact in FluidOne so we don’t have to spend as much time dealing with issues and multiple suppliers. As a result of working with FluidOne we have seen upgraded network speeds and most importantly we have reduced the calls from employees who are struggling with connection issues."

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