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Whether you are a single-site factory or a multi-site, multi-national organisation, you understand the need for a robust and resilient connection. We can help you communicate with cloud-based systems, send and receive orders, track logistics and customers, and generally help your company maximise its productivity.

At FluidOne, our carrier-grade network enables you to connect to other offices, cloud applications and a variety of systems and portals. It also allows you to deliver Wi-Fi and provide voice and unified communication services, as well as secure your network and data by offering a seamless, consistent service across all of your locations.

Why choose Fluid One?


  • Reduce Costs
    Keeping your overheads low in manufacturing is vital. Reduce costs by upgrading solutions with no overlap in contracts. Minimum contract terms start at just 1 month.
  • Collaborate Better
    Collaboration is an important tool in the manufacturing sector. Our connectivity, network and voice solutions facilitate seamless communication between your employees and partners.



  • Instant Connectivity
    We have the largest reach within the UK and can have your site, no matter how remote, up and running within days.
  • Fully Scalable
    Get a solution that grows with your manufacturing needs, allowing you to upscale easily when the time comes.


What really confirmed my decision to select FluidOne is the level of technical expertise in the field of internet connectivity

Gavin Henry, Managing Director, Suretec

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