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The hotel industry is both highly competitive and operates under tight profit margins. Anything hoteliers can do to get an advantage over their competitors needs to be examined.

These days, tech is a vital component to the success of a hotel. Secure, reliable, high-speed broadband is a necessity, rather than a luxury for any business, but especially ones in the highly competitive leisure and tourism sector.

Connected devices are becoming ubiquitous and the hotel industry is no exception. Guest-facing employees are starting to use devices such as tablets to record and track guest requests and preferences, saving time and improving services as a result.

Whether you are a single hotel or part of a group, we can tailor our services to suit you. Our carrier grade network enables you to deliver Wi-fi, Voice and Internet services to your hotels, offering a seamless and consistent service across all of your locations.

With HD video services, reliable voice and speedy Wi-fi you can enable your staff to work more effectively, increase customer loyalty and deliver a better service.

How FluidOne can help

Improve Guest Experience

Use push notifications to ping customers with special offers and recommendations within the hotel.

Get Behavioural

Use Wi-fi heat mapping to track customer movement – find out where money is spent and why.


Give free Wi-fi to guests but offer a paid platform for a premium level of bandwidth.

Service Fluidity

Deploy a PWAN and get the same level of service across multiple locations – creating a seamless customer experience.

Go Paperless

Mobilise workforce with device managed tablets, enabling them to manage their workflow more efficiently.

Reduce Complaints

Eliminate waiting times and lines at reception with virtual check in and check out functionality.

“As the IT Manager for a large group of diverse businesses connectivity is primary to our IT strategy and synergy opportunities, FluidOne exceeds expectations for service every time.”

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