Hospitality is evolving

Create a seamless experience

Restaurants and bars are depending on connected technology more than ever to help their business run more efficiently.

Some restaurants are even using technology to stand out – recognising that, for many, eating out is as much about the experience as it is the food and atmosphere whilst others are using technology to improve the ordering process. For example, allowing customers to order and pay for food and drink via their smartphones, or the restaurant’s own tablets. Other restaurants have created entire experiences around ordering food from digital menus.

Bars and pubs aren’t just places where people go to drink and socialise, they offer an experience. By targeting offers to people who login to the free bar Wi-fi, the bar can offer a more personalised experience – using digital tools to replicate the experience a patron gets from their local that knows their regular drink and their favourite seat. Demand on a venue's internet capabilities can be high, especially if customers rely on it.

How FluidOne can help

Dramatically Cut Queues

Supply tables with wireless managed tablets and allow customers to place orders without getting up.


Entice customers into your premises by pinging them with special offers as they walk by.


Unlock Wi-fi to users that ‘Like’ or ‘Follow’ your restaurant and promote your business every time someone logs on.

Grow Satisfaction

Offering reliable public Wi-fi can help you attract new customers, increase existing customer satisfaction and help you build a loyal following.

Intelligent Analytics

Wi-fi analytics show you how your customers interact within your restaurant – enabling you to tailor an experience that suits them.

Reduce Costs

Reduce costs by upgrading solutions with no overlap in contracts with minimum contract terms starting at just 1 month.

"FluidOne is great to work with. The whole team is always approachable, even when things don’t go according to plan – I can speak to the MD direct and know that everything is in hand. Throughout the organisation, they are highly customer and service focussed and work extremely hard to get things done for their customers in the time required and at an excellent standard."

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