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Construction is a collaborative industry.

The nature of the job dictates that while some workers will be out on site, others, such as architects, may be hundreds of miles away at head office. There needs to be a system in place which allows all parties to upload, share and edit documents and plans crucial to the construction project. You can have the best collaborative technology in the world, but if the internet is down, work can grind to a halt.

Construction companies can start using new information management systems, and upgrade all of their IT technology; they can issue all of their employees with tablets and smartphones, allowing them easy access to the information they need, but if they can’t connect to the internet, or are plagued by dropped signals or slow upload and download speeds, that investment will be useless. A modernised construction industry needs reliable, high-speed internet to prosper.

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3G to Ethernet with no contract overlap using the same static IP.

Improve Agility

Through availability of multiple carriers through one supplier at each location and fast delivery of multiple technologies through one supplier.

Reduce Costs

Reduce costs by upgrading solutions with no overlap in contracts with minimum contract terms starting at just 1 month.

Collaborate Better

Your employees need to be working more collaboratively as practices and technologies change. Our intelligent solutions help you work together in an ‘always connected’ environment.

Instant connectivity

We have the largest reach within the UK and can have your site, no matter how remote, up and running within days.

Remote Working

Mobile working solutions ensure all your people have access to the network and can keep in touch regardless of their location.