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Reduce the complexity of home working with FluidOne’s single solution for all of your VOIP Phone needs.

The seamless 8×8 software can be used anywhere, and at anytime – your client won’t have any idea you’re not all in the same office!

This includes:

  • A Cloud-based 8×8 product with the same experience as an on-premise solution
  • High-quality video conferencing
  • Unlimited UK calls (excluding special numbers)
  • HD quality voice
  • Voicemail, call recording and hold music
  • Mobile app and soft client for desktop and mobile
  • Call waiting and call transfer
  • Instant messaging and team meetings
  • Screen sharing
  • Outlook integration
  • Enterprise grade security

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8X8 Unified Communications

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Mobile Broadband Solutions

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Business Broadband at Home

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Number One for Expertise


We have over 900 customers across all sectors of industry and are well-known for meeting the challenges of multi-site connectivity.

Limited-Time Offers for VoIP Phone and Unified Communications

8×8 Unified Communications Solution

Sign up today and claim 2 months free + free set up

Prices start at £10 per user per month – including unlimited UK calls*

*8×8 X1 license £10 per person per month

*Minimum term 12 months

Home Working Mobile Offers

Sign up today and claim 1-month free rental

Smartphones – Unlimited Voice/SMS/Data

Prices start from just £18.50 per user per month

*Minimum term 12 months

Home 4G Broadband bundles from 60GB – 300GB

Prices start from just £20 per user per month

*Minimum term 12 months

Why you need FluidOne

Number One for Network Quality

Our core network has never failed, we can provide you any level of resilience you could need. When connectivity is mission-critical, rely on FluidOne.

Number One for Service

We have the highest rated Net Promotor Score (NPS) of any network provider and continuously work to maintain it by listening to our customers.

Number One for Expertise

Whether you have network planners in-house or no technical capability to call on, you’ll get the best advice and best practice to fit your needs.

Number One for Multi-Site Connectivity

With more carriers and services than any other provider, you’ll always get the best solution, and at a competitive price.

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