International Connectivity

There are over 30 carriers connected to our PlatformOne network. We use a number of these to provide connectivity at over 200 points of presence, with over 600 local network operators in 17 countries. All these services can be brought back to our UK network.

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What is FluidOne’s solution for International Connectivity?

We are connected to a range of international carriers to offer leased line and local DSL type services. We can provide these as single in-country services, or bring this connectivity into an MPLS or SDWAN network for you.

FluidOne has made it possible to connect seamlessly into a stable Australian Data MPLS critical for TM Lewin’s success. They have been excellent in delivery – both in the UK and Australia – ensuring the network simply worked first time.

Paul Huntington, Head of IT, T.M Lewin




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International Connectivity from FluidOne – features

We offer a comprehensive international connectivity solution to connect remote offices and locations to key applications, services or UK sites. This gives you a single provider for UK and international services


Over 17 countries with over 200 points of presence


All connectivity is on-net for us, allowing us to control the service with end to end QoS

Internet or WAN

We can combine Internet facing, on-net MPLS services to give you true choice across the globe

Bandwidth Options

We can offer the best-in-country capability to give you the bandwidth you need at every location

Why choose International Connectivity from FluidOne?


  • Fully Managed
    We take all the pain away, fully deploying and managing your international connectivity for you
  • Service is King
    An NPS of 70+ means we know how to support business
  • Support at all Times
    Engineers available whenever you need them
  • We Know Networks
    We run international WANs, and we know what it takes to keep them secure. We use all this knowledge to offer you secure, always-on international services.



International Connectivity Customer Stories

Read how customers have benefitted from FluidOne's International Connectivity

International Connectivity solutions allowed for seamless expansion into Australia
FluidOne enabled global connectivity in the film production industry
Increased download and upload speeds allow Nudge Digital to communicate with their partners around the world instantaneously

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