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Whilst we all adapt to a new way of working, there is no need for your team to let their connection suffer, just because everybody’s at home. Leave the Home Broadband for leisure and choose FluidOne, your number 1 solution for reliable mobile connectivity.

We can provide your team with:
  • 4G Home Wi-Fi solutions to allow multiple devices to share one sim card
  • Enterprise-grade 4G solutions with Static IP, and integration into your corporate network
  • Shared pools of data available to reduce cost
  • Mobile security
  • Specialist hardware (e.g. smartphones, phones, dongles, routers) allowing you and your team to work to your full potential 
  • Disaster recovery solutions by providing multiple networks



Number one provider for mobile connectivity

Remove the burden on your teams Home Broadband

Multiple devices enabled for each team member

In some rural areas 4G provides better speeds than DSL

FluidOne has partnerships with all of the UK carriers and Distributors to provide you with home working options that suit your individual needs – our multi-network platform will give you and your employees the right network for your location.


Many companies are facing challenges with home working due to a huge increase in the number of people using Home Broadband. Don’t let productivity suffer because of contended bandwidth, choose FluidOne’s 4G Internet solutions which use Platform One to deliver reliable mobile connectivity on any UK network. 


Short Term Offers Available Now

Sign up today and claim 1-month free rental

Smartphones – Unlimited Voice/SMS/Data

from only £18.50 per month

Home 4G Broadband bundles from 60GB-300GB

from only £20.00 per month

*All 12-month agreements

MobileFlex from FluidOne – features

Our additional solution - MobileFlex brings the best mobile networks have to offer, wrapped up and consolidated into a single portal.

True Co-Terminus Agreements

No complicated contracts. Whether you add users or change networks during the agreement, your contract end date remains the same

Cost Management

Real-time reporting provides a layer of protection against data shock and out of bundle charges

Network Flexibility

Switch networks at any point without costs or fuss

DASH - Management

Our ticket management, orders and requests are all visible in our portal

Why you need FluidOne


Number One for mobile connectivity, FluidOne has, for over 20 years, been providing mobility with an industry leading NPS score. 


Our experienced help desk provides high-quality support to all of your users.

Quick, Zero Touch Setup

Ideal for the current climate, we are able to provide zero touch enrollment and asset management.

First for Network Quality

Our core network has never failed, we can provide you any level of resilience you could need.

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