Wholesale Layer 2 xDSL

Aggregated wholesale DSL services from the country's leading suppliers

Wholesale Layer 2 xDSL Key Features

Fully automated availability checking, comparison, selection, ordering, delivery & management of xDSL services from the main UK wholesale DSL providers.

One portal,
multiple suppliers

Aggregated services from BT Wholesale, TalkTalk & Gigaclear via Reseller...

Aggregated services from BT Wholesale, TalkTalk & Gigaclear via Reseller NNIs & a unified Web/API portal

Competitive pricing

Win more business with immediate competitive wholesale price comparisons

Round the clock support

High quality, responsive service & engineering support available, all day,...

High quality, responsive service & engineering support available, all day, every day, all year

All main
service types


Widest possible
competitive coverage

BT Wholesale, TalkTalk, Gigaclear, Cityfibre


18 datacentres nationwide as primary NNI locations. 82 more on request

changes and adds

Web and API based service novation, upgrade & cancellation

Live testing

Real-time circuit and service performance checks for resellers

Rapid activation

Typically 2–4 weeks. Managed by a dedicated Service Delivery team

One service

One bill for all services, one account manager, one customer...

One bill for all services, one account manager, one customer service team, one network interface, one portal

Based on Platform One

Platform One aggregates and integrates the fixed line, broadband, mobile and wireless services of just about every major supplier in the UK and then connects them all securely to the public internet, to the major cloud service providers and also to just about every significant commercial data centre in the UK. One (or more, for resilience) connections into Platform One’s NNIs (Network to Network Interfaces) gives each Fluidone reseller access to all Platform One wholesale services.

Delivered by DASH

“DASH” is short for “Dashboard”. It is a secured internet based web portal and API (application programming interface) that allows direct control of many Platform One services. DASH allows you to check availability, obtain competitive quotes for different service types from our panel of suppliers, to order from those quotes, manage delivery, see an inventory of services that you have ordered, observe and test circuit status, check circuit performance (when available) and show you billing status for each one. DASH services can be aligned to your own billing & charge codes.

FluidOne DASH

The DASH portal allows you to raise “tickets” to record and progress incidents with our support team. You can view and test each circuit's condition and performance. The secure DASH API allows you to interface your own quoting & provisioning applications directly to Platform One. It features availability checking, price comparison, ordering, installation planning, and delivery checking.

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Wholesale Layer 2 xDSL

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An Introduction to DASH: The FluidOne customer portal

“DASH” is short for “Dashboard”. It is a secure web based portal that allows direct control of many Platform One services. DASH is and always will be a work-in-progress with functionality being constantly updated. Ultimately, all Platform One services will be supported in DASH. Our goal is to allow you...

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From our Customers on
Wholesale Layer 2 xDSL


O2 required enhanced resilience for their Wi-Fi network, during conversations with FluidOne, they realised the FluidOne Service Exchange Platform could provide geographic diversity. Therefore has signed a multi-million pound three-year contract with data communications provider, FluidOne. The deal covers two major projects: FluidOne will provide additional resilience for the O2...

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Village Broadband

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