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Virtual Core Network

VCORE is a private MPLS network that gives you the functionality of a Tier One ISP but without the overhead owning your own core network.

Virtual Core (VCORE) Network Key Features

Use VCORE to replace your own core network or to enter the ISP/SD-WAN market at low cost. VCORE is an ideal platform for your own services and provides direct access to Platform One which probably offers the widest choice of circuit and service providers in the UK.


VCOREs are bespoke to each customer’s requirements and allow unique...

VCOREs are bespoke to each customer’s requirements and allow unique service customisation and differentiation

Your IP address
ranges or ours

Use your own transit & peering our ours

Access and

We authenticate using our BRAS and your IP addresses or...

We authenticate using our BRAS and your IP addresses or you use your own

24/7 technical
customer support

Proper technical support, all day, everyday

99.99% VCORE SLA

Underpinned by our Juniper MPLS core and diverse fibre routing

Let us connect YOUR customers

Use our Wholesale Broadband and Wholesale DIA leased lines

20 carriers

Makes sure you always get best fit and best value

DSL providers

Compare availability and prices from BT Wholesale, TalkTalk & Gigaclear


Let us connect your VCORE to any of the leading...

Let us connect your VCORE to any of the leading cloud service providers or to your compute and storage assets at any of over 100 UK commercial data centres


Connect your systems directly into Platform One’s portal, DASH

Your own core network. Virtually.

Host your own AS numbers and IP ranges on Platform One and use them to access and configure Platform One’s huge choice of wholesale Broadband DSL, EFM and leased line DIA connectivity services.

How VCORE Works

By replicating the basic building blocks of an Internet Service Provider (including LNS, DNS, RADIUS,SMTP & IP Transit) into a private virtual MPLS network, FluidOne replicates its own ISP capability and makes it available to our own Service Provider customers. We can also use and advertise your IP addresses, use your transit & peering - or ours and can optionally provide you with rack space for your service platforms, end to end monitoring and staging, configuration & despatch of your CPE.

Our Guarantee

Every service is backed by a bespoke Service Level Agreement (SLA) which captures and targets the essence of the service relationship. Continual monitoring ensures that performance levels are always maintained and reported on.

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