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Become part of the Data Delivery Network and gain access to Ethernet, DSL, wavelengths and much more in one simple programme that's designed to help you grow.

What is the Partner Programme

FluidOne’s Partner Programme gives you access to a huge portfolio of next-gen technologies through our intuitive Dash portal and API.

Why you should join

We're concentrated on helping you develop long-term and sustainable market share across a large portfolio of cutting edge services and solutions. Our partners receive a world class service with in-house developed systems to make data connectivity simple and affordable for your business.

Partner Programme Benefits


Our network is built to scale and can support 100 GB/s waves across 18 datacentres

Rewarded for

Receive improved resources, commercials and support through our simple progression model

Increase Sales

Focus on growing your customers whilst we take care of administration, service delivery and billing

Sales & Marketing

Support with marketing/sales campaigns with co-branding opportunities, carrier support and marketing collateral

Automated API
& Portal

Benefit from intuitive Dash portal and single API's that can be easily integrated into your own systems

Rigby Group PLC

Our partners can access the full range of capabilities that Rigby Group PLC can offer through our programme

Partners Tiers

The bigger you grow the more
you benefit

Swipe in mobile Authorized Select Growth Strategic Blue
Pricing Tiers RPP 1 2 3 4
Ethernet Quoting Tool Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Marketing Support No No Yes Yes Yes
Dedicated Channel Manager No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Service Reviews On Request Annual Quarterly Quarterly Quarterly
Dedicated Project Manager Team Team Team Dedicated Dedicated Team

Selected Partners

Join us today and start experiencing the benefits of our Partner Programme

Bridge Fibre O2 Sinergy Village Broadband

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Case Studies

Bridge Fibre

Before using FluidOne, Bridge Fibre were already an established ISP, with a core network infrastructure, with their own diverse transit routing and RIPE allocation in order to maintain and control their connectivity solution for their clients.

Bridge Fibre found their...

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JMC often finds itself being the first port of call for clients’ IT issues. For example, if a client’s email fails, they are as likely to call JMC, where they know they can get human support, as to their own...

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