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As a trusted advisor to your clients, we recognise how important it is to choose the right partner to build your business successfully. That’s why, at FluidOne, we developed a partner proposition that enables you to deliver the best service possible using our network, Platform One.

Why Partner With Us

We provide Cloud, Network, Voice and Mobile and UC on a single contract – meaning you can select a unique blend of infrastructure services for your customers and keep the competition at bay
We work with you on a joint plan to support your growth, and provide expertise selling with your teams acting as your expert on complex bids
Dedicated account management teams who work with you to help drive the success of launching new services and develop your client relationships
Our self-service portal (Dash) enables our partner ecosystem to self-service opportunities efficiently and reliably
Put simply, we are committed to delivering customer excellence, as seen by our Net Promoter Score (NPS), 86 (February 2023), which is the highest in the industry. You can trust us to help you maintain your position as trusted advisor for multiple product sales.
Become A Partner
FluidOne offers reliable products that deliver the best performance. It is a premium service, and it means we can provide our clients with a consistently strong and efficient service

How To Partner With Us


Keep your customers yours, and we’ll look after the billing for you
Make the most of our Platform One network and pass the benefits onto your customers whilst we handle the background billing for you. So you can focus on curating and building your relationships.


Sell FluidOne products to your customers with a specific rate card for your company and manage them as your own customers.
Get your own little slice of the pie as we give you full control over how you want to use our network. Work with your customers on a case by case to create the solutions they need with a set of rates and services specific to you.

Earn commission from introducing us to new customers, knowing that we’ll maintain your reputation through our level of service.
Introduce us to businesses you have a relationship with that you think will benefit from FluidOne’s service, and we’ll compensate you in return. You’ll be confident knowing they’re in the best hands working with the most connected UK network and company with the highest NPS in the telecoms industry.

Our Portal

Our Channel partners take advantage of our partner portal ‘Dash’, our all-in-one business management and quoting tool.
Dash is designed to make doing business easy for our partners. It stays updated with new products and services, features based on internal developments, and feedback from current partners. A clever and intuitive online portal, Dash provides details of all your FluidOne solutions and features, including quotes, support tickets and ‘WeatherMaps’ showing live status reports of the FluidOne Network and circuit usage reports.


We want Dash to work for you and make doing business as easy as possible. We’re always looking at how the platform can be updated and improved whilst ensuring we effectively communicate with and support you as you use it.
All newly developed products make their way to Dash so you can supply them to your customers. We hold monthly webinars to take you through each new feature and development so you can make the most of them.

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Dash Makes Doing Business Easier
Dash Makes Serving Your Customers Easier, Faster And Under Your Control
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