IoT, M2M & Roaming Sim Cards

FluidOne the UK’s most connected network aggregator has a wide choice of sim cards for 4G/5G connectivity, whether you are looking for a single network or roaming sim card our Platform One will enable you to connect people and devices anytime anywhere.

What is FluidOne’s solution for IoT and Roaming SIM cards?

The IoT, M2M and roaming sim card market has been rapidly maturing in recent times. This is has led to several solutions in the market designed to suit your requirements. Amidst all these options, we aim to provide you with a market-leading solution. What makes FluidOne’s IoT and roaming sim card different from other suppliers? We provide you with enterprise-grade sim cards that have increased security and integration into fixed-line networks. Our sim cards interconnect with a host of networks and carriers. Ensuring our sims are secure and work not just in the UK but internationally as well. Your business, can, therefore, benefit from our roaming sim card, which is one of the best in the market.

Iot And Roaming Sim Cards From Fluidone Features


Our IoT sim can be delivered as a single network solution or a roaming sim card. This offers your business carrier choice and the resilience you need. Our international agreements provide you with global sim cards, with data, that can be bundled into a central purchasing agreement.

Roaming SIM Card

FluidOne have strong partnerships with carriers both domestic and international. Our partnerships are not just that of a traditional reseller but we have interconnected our networks to deliver a single sim with roaming profiles, and multi-network selection.

Aggregated Data

Our UK Data platform allows you to choose from Vodafone, EE, Three and O2 to meet your IoT sim requirements. Based on coverage challenges, you may be forced to pick multiple networks for your business. With FluidOne, you have a single aggregated data pool, meaning, smarter utilisation of data allowances.

Pre-Ethernet & Failover 4G

Our L2 Sim provides your business with a Layer 2 Sim solution, enabling your business with a smooth transition from 4G to ethernet/FTTP services. As well as working as a seamless failover solution to form part of your disaster recovery strategy.

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