Ethernet on Demand (EoD)

Change bandwidth of a leased line in real-time, at any time and as many times as they want. Request a demo today.

Ethernet on Demand (EoD) Key Features

This is a ground-breaking, industry leading product. Speak to the team for a video demo today.


Upgrade/downgrade at any time via Dash or our API

in control

No one-off charge for making a change


Changes do not impact the initial contract term


Available on all types of leased lines


Upgrade service up to the speed of the physical bearer


Developed in-house, Ethernet on Demand (EoD) is an industry leading feature. To support its launch we have formed closer links with network partner Sky. Sky’s network provides availability in over 2,800 Ethernet exchanges and our SDN functionality for Ethernet leased lines gives partners the ability to quote, order, manage and flex bandwidth.

Sky & FluidOne Partnership

We've collaborated with Sky Business for over two years and the addition of SDN to Platform One's existing integration with Sky's carrier grade network, enables us to offer enhanced Ethernet services from Sky to customers and partners.

Scale up or down via Dash or our API

Dash allows you to check bandwidth usage statistics, historical bandwidth changes, current speed and any queued speed change

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