Business Fibre to the Premises (FTTP)

FluidOne Business Fibre to the Premises, or FTTP, offers Fibre Ethernet speeds at Broadband prices. With speeds of up to 1Gbps, you can run bandwidth-hungry applications without the additional costs of Fibre Ethernet services

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What is FluidOne’s solution for Business FTTP?

FluidOne have partnered with market-leading network providers to offer excellent FTTP coverage across the UK. We offer a range of speeds starting at 40Mbps right up to full 1Gbps, meaning we have an FTTP solution that fits every customer use case. We will not only install FTTP, but provide the relevant hardware to ensure you get the most out of your service.

Throughout and beyond implementation FluidOne have provided a highly professional and helpful service, which is why when we required additional connectivity for the second phase of our software project we knew FluidOne would have the perfect solution for us.





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Business FTTP from FluidOne – features

Not all FTTP solutions are created equal. We pride ourselves on offering the full range of FTTP speeds and bolt-on features, meaning you can start with home work FTTP right up to a small office solution, all with FluidOne.

Feel the Need for Speed

Start with 40Mbps but move to 1Gbps at anytime, or buy 1Gbps from day one

Quality of Service

We can offer end-to-end QoS for our FTTP services, allowing you to control your business-critical apps

Break/Fix Bolt Ons

Standard 40-hour fixes can be upgraded to 20-hour or 7-hour fixes with our providers, giving you confidence of a fix if the worst should happen

24/7 support

An engineer is available, all day, everyday

Why choose Business FTTP from FluidOne?


  • Service is at the Heart of what we Do
    With a net promoter score (NPS) of over +70, you know we can support you when you need it most
  • Capacity to Perform
    Our core network “Platform One” is never more than 50% contended, meaning if you buy 1Gbps FTTP that is what you will get from our network
  • Better Coverage
    We partner with a range of FTTP providers to give you better UK coverage than just BT

Business FTTP Customer Stories

Read how customers have benefitted from FluidOne's Business FTTP

Popular Italian restaurant used FluidOne's FTTP to provide the required connectivity in its largest restaurant
Leading UK accounting firm relies on the speed and resilience of FluidOne's FTTP for its two headquarters
Film production company communicates between its offices with a mixture of DSL, Fibre and P2P

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Why Choose FluidOne?

Number One for multi-site connectivity

With more carriers and services than any other provider, you’ll always get the best solution for every site. And at a competitive price.

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Tried, trusted and expert

Whether you have network planners in-house or no technical capability to call on, you’ll get the best advice and best practice to fit your needs.

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Top for customer satisfaction

We have the highest rated Net Promotor Score (NPS) of any network provider and continuously work to maintain it by listening to our customers.

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First for network quality

Our core network has never failed, we can provide you any level of resilience you could need. When connectivity is mission-critical, rely on FluidOne.

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