Ethernet Leased Lines

Connect directly to FluidOne’s network to make the most of the advanced technologies available including MPLS and VPLS.

Ethernet Leased Lines Key Features

Below is the wide range of high-quality key features that makes this product unique. It’s innovative and can be tailored to your individual business needs.

High speed Ethernet

Behaves just like your internal network

24/7 technical customer support

An engineer is available, all day, everyday

Suitable for large-scale WANs

Scale your network as you grow

Up to 10 Gb/s downstream

Increase productivity with more bandwidth

Up to 10 Gb/s upstream

Send more data out of your network

Non blocking, zero contention

Don’t let busy traffic times slow you down

99.9% service level agreement

Because we are confident in our products

Managed line installation

Proactive updates by a dedicated Service Delivery team

Public static IP addresses

To help connect to the Internet

Live web-based service statistics

Transparency at your fingertips

Ethernet Leased Line Technology

Our Ethernet solutions are created with reliability and durability at the core, which is why they can support companies even as they evolve and expand their offerings.

FluidOne can fully manage all forms of LANs and provides 24/7 support to ensure that you remain connected at all times.

How Ethernet Leased Lines Work

Ethernet leased line services are available across the country through more than twelve carriers, fast symmetrical services have never been more affordable. It provides sub millisecond response rates, guaranteed contention and scalable speeds up to 10 Gb/s. Along with our ADVANCE services, FluidOne’s business Ethernet solutions provide the capability to network efficiently and safely.

Our Guarantee

FluidOne focuses entirely on the interests of our customers and on the delivery of service excellence. Our SLA+ programme grants customers with an industry leading 30% rebate in the unlikelihood of downtime outside of our agreed remit and has the highest standards when it comes to latency, packet loss and jitter figures.