Business EFM – Ethernet First Mile

Business Ethernet First Mile (EFM) provides fully symmetric broadband with fibre-like service and support agreements

Business EFM – Ethernet First Mile Key Features

Below is the wide range of high-quality key features that makes this product unique. It’s innovative and can be tailored to your individual business needs.


Don’t let busy traffic times slow you down

Static IPv4 and IPv6 addresses

A permanent address on the internet

99.9% service level agreement

Because we are confident in our products

12-month initial contract

Have the flexibility to change

Up to 20 Mb/s down

Increase productivity with more bandwidth

Up to 20 Mb/s

Send more data out of your network

24/7 technical customer support

An engineer is available, all day, everyday


No need to worry about the router or configuration

Typical lead-time
30-45 days

Managed by a dedicated Service Delivery team

The Technology

This service is distance dependant but with availability at a wide range of exchanges across the country. Uniquely for a copper based service, a guaranteed minimum speed is agreed prior to order. This eliminates the unknown speed common with copper based services.

How EFM Works

Up to 20 Mb/s symmetrical as a true leased line alternative product. By bonding together multiple copper pairs the service can use existing infrastructure to deliver high download speeds, and importantly for business, very high upload capability.

Our Guarantee

FluidOne focuses entirely on the interests of our customers and on the delivery of service excellence. Every service is backed by a tailored end-to-end Service Level Agreement (SLA) or SLA+, which captures and targets the essence of the service relationship. Continual monitoring ensures that performance levels are always maintained and reported on.

From our HUB on Business EFM – Ethernet First Mile

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From our Customers on Business EFM – Ethernet First Mile


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