Bonded 4G

Bonded 4G delivers a single, high speed, secure, stable data connection to the internet.

Bonded 4G Key Features

Below is the wide range of high-quality key features that makes this product unique. It’s innovative and can be tailored to your individual business needs.

Portable Connection

Provides portable, secure data connectivity


Up to 4 bonded data SIMs

Multiple data packages

Choose from 20GB, 50GB, 100GB and 200GB

Monitoring and alerts

Data usage reporting with usage alerts


Typical delivery is 4 working days

RIPE static IPv4 and IPv6

Connect to the internet with free IP addresses

99.9 service level agreement

Because we are confident in our products

24/7 technical customer support

An engineer is available, all day, everyday


Have the flexibility to change


Reliable hardware to deliver outstanding performance

How Bonded 4G Works

It provides an excellent solution for connectivity in situations where your business requires a temporary or short term solution or where fixed connectivity is not possible or has a lengthy timescale for delivery.

Quick Installation

Bonded 4G has a short lead time for deployment and provides a portable solution, which can be moved as required by your business, while not sacrificing on the quality or security of your data connection.

Our Guarantee

FluidOne focuses entirely on the interests of our customers and on the delivery of service excellence. Every service is backed by a tailored end-to-end Service Level Agreement (SLA) or SLA+ with 24/7 technical customer support, which captures and targets the essence of the service relationship. Continual monitoring ensures that performance levels are always maintained and reported on.

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