ADVANCE connectivity resilience options

ADVANCE offers businesses that depend on their connectivity resilience and failover choices for both copper and fibre based services

ADVANCE connectivity resilience options Key Features

Below is the wide range of high-quality key features that makes this product unique. It’s innovative and can be tailored to your individual business needs.

RIPE static IPv4 & IPv6

A permanent address on the internet


To give you confdence in our products

12 month initial contract

Have the flexibility to change

Uptime monitoring

Know there is an issue before it becomes an issue

SMS & email alerts

Alerts sent automatically as soon as it is detected

Nationwide availability

Great for standardising across offices


A helping hand to speed up activation


No need to worry about the router or configuration

ADVANCE Technology

ADVANCE is available with any of FluidOne’s connectivity services including BURST, PULSE and Fibre. Unlike the PureFluid system which aggregates multiple lines into a single router, ADVANCE maintains line separacy. This allows for the client to specify which line is used for what traffic, completely segregating Voice and Data for example.

How ADVANCE works

The system intelligently utilises a backup line through a different carrier, using a different product (ADSL for example) while using the same IP range. The system has been designed to be completely autonomous meaning no interaction is required for the system to switch between either working line should the client suffer a fault.

Our Guarantee

FluidOne focuses entirely on the interests of our customers and on the delivery of service excellence. Every service is backed by a tailored end-to-end Service Level Agreement (SLA) or SLA+, which captures and targets the essence of the service relationship. Continual monitoring ensures that performance levels are always maintained and reported on.